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Principal Engineer


Brian enjoys the interactive process between the architect, contractor, owner, and consultants. Balancing building codes, timelines, and budgets, Brian leads his team in creating projects that meet the client’s needs. He has designed numerous small- to medium-scale buildings employing all construction material types throughout northern Nevada and California as well as in Southern Oregon. For him, the most rewarding projects are those completed within a team environment. 

When Brian is not at work, you will find him skiing at Mt. Ashland or Alpine Meadows or on a back-country tour with friends somewhere in between. When not out skiing, he is probably spending time with his wife, Lisa, and their animals—including two dogs, a cat, two cows, two goats, and a bunch of chickens—at their property in Southern Oregon.


  • Exposed timber & steel structural design

  • Efficient structural design focused on constructability

  • Collaborative design process

  • Construction management

  • Wood structure evaluation



Oregon State University, BS in Civil Engineering, Structures Option

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